14 Feb

Compliance in Confectionery: What You Need To Know

Whether you’re a US brand looking to diversify or expand your existing confectionery range, or a non-US brand entering the market, there are a few things to know which will help ensure you can compete compliantly, and with confidence. Our US food regulatory consultants...

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30 Dec

Does Cell-based Have a Seat at the Table?

In an effort to tackle climate change and reduce the food production industry’s carbon footprint, alternative meat products have continued to grow in popularity. But does lab-grown meat really have a seat at the table? Our US team shares insight into regulatory developments and...

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31 Mar

What you need to know about the changes to Canadian labeling regulations

Laura Fitzpatrick is one of our International Regulatory Advisors who specializes in Canadian and French food legislation. She’s put together a summary of the upcoming changes to Canadian labeling regulations so you can better understand what you need to be doing to prepare.  ...

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15 Mar

Baby food and heavy metals: How does US federal law compare to EU and UK baby food legislation?

We spoke to our Product Information Advisors, Jenny Pfleger (UK) and Marisa Them (US) about the regulations that govern the presence of heavy metals in baby food in the USA compared to those in the UK/EU. What’s happening with baby food and heavy metals...

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