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We are Ashbury

Product and labelling compliance experts.

Food regulations play an essential role in bringing products to market. Unfortunately, they often lack clarity and are a source of confusion that can leave brand reputation and consumers at risk.

That’s where we come in.

We founded Ashbury in 2011 with a clear mission to make global food compliance easy.

Our way of working and our international expertise, combined with our straightforward approach to compliance law, has seen us grow over the last decades into a leading global brand. We have built one of the strongest, most versatile technical and regulatory teams in the world. With expertise dotted globally, we speak over 35 languages and provide regulatory services for over 80 global regions.

Ashbury works in partnership with our clients to tackle the challenges that come with managing food labelling compliance across categories and global markets of sale.

No bottlenecks, or legal uncertainties. Simply empowering brands and retailers to focus on what they do best – developing and launching sensational products.

Guided by our values:


Friendly, approachable, open to new ideas.


A positive experience for our people and clients.

The principles that help us to provide you with trusted advice and the best possible experience.


Working with confidence from a strong foundation of expertise.


Removing complexity, bringing clarity.

Creating a smooth journey to compliance

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Flexible Outsourcing:

Reliable support that fits your business needs to alleviate compliance bottlenecks and keep your product launch on track.

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Genuine Expertise:

Simplifying complex regulatory matters to provide practical guidance you can trust,  powered by our breadth and depth of expertise.

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Centralised Service Delivery:

Local advice from in-market experts so you can achieve global labelling compliance from one easy point of contact.

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Measurable Partnership:

We build strong partnerships
and ensure you have visibility of
the value we add through robust governance.

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Streamlined Success:

Optimising process to reduce risk and find efficiencies, so your team and your businesses can focus on what they do best: delivering quality products to consumers.

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