Product and Labelling Compliance Experts

Product information encompasses how a product is made, what’s inside, how it’s packaged, and of course, how it’s marketed to consumers.

The rules that govern product information often lack clarity and are a source of confusion for retailers and manufacturers.

At Ashbury, we are dedicated to bringing compliant product information to life in a simple way that keeps brands and end-consumers, safe.

Our global team of food regulatory consultants is passionate about what they do and brings extensive knowledge and experience to form a leading-edge group of genuine experts.

We go beyond your standard food labelling services. We partner with you to ensure your product information is accurate, up to date and legally compliant, right from the start of product development, and work closely to implement a best practice approach to future proof your brand.

Our Services

A clearer path to global product compliance. As a regulatory consulting company, our guidance goes beyond a food label checking service - our food labelling consultants work with you to build a culture of compliance across your development process.


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Need food labelling assistance? Get in touch to discuss your plans in detail, or simply to ask us a question, and we’ll connect you with the right expert for your product and your intended market.

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