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Our diverse team is a unique blend of people with international manufacturing, retail and enforcement experience, working together towards a common goal: to protect clients and consumers around the world, through clear and accurate product information.

We know what we stand for and, guided by our shared values, we work side by side with our clients to interpret, translate and apply the law in a way that end consumers will understand.

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James, Managing Director

James Post

Managing Director
My aim when we established Ashbury was to deliver simple solutions to the complex challenges of global labelling compliance as well as creating a happy working culture, where people feel appreciated, supported and empowered. Today as the leader of this growing and thriving business, I am delighted that we still adhere to that original philosophy; it is my biggest achievement since starting the business.
Zoe, Business Development Director

Zoe Jordan

At Ashbury I am responsible for the company's continued expansion, supporting businesses to launch products with total compliance confidence. My broad food industry experience has given me a sound grasp on the commercial and regulatory challenges of today. I rely on my creative and 'can do' approach to build long term partnerships with clients, offering smart project management and practical solutions.
Jade Collins, Technical Controller

Jade Collins

Technical Controller - Manufacturing & International
I love working with people to find a solution that works for everyone, ranging from simple day-to-day challenges, or working on changing a process with a client that delivers our service that better meets their needs. My background is in trading standards, and I have a degree in Investigation and Consumer Law. At Ashbury, my focus is all on driving quality, and efficiency for our manufacturing and international clients.
Mario, International BDM Regulatory and Compliance Services

Mario Leone

International BDM Regulatory & Compliance Services
I've spent my career working in the food industry across Europe in account management business development functions. My career has been devoted to building strong commercial relationships with retailers and exporters built on trust and my commitment to finding the right solutions for them. At Ashbury my ambition is to help clients face the challenges of an ever changing market environment so they can continue to grow globally.
Bharti, Product Information Team Lead

Bharti Gorania-Wood

Product Information Team Lead
Having joined Ashbury in 2016, I am lucky enough to manage our skilled team of regulatory advisors, each bringing with them a wealth of experience and knowledge from across the industry. Prior to this I spent 28 years as Trading Standards Officer for local authorities. As well as food product compliance, I specialise in non-food including cosmetics, household goods, baby care and even paints. I provide risk-based, commercially sound and practical solutions to the needs of our clients.
Yasmine Zair, Product Information Advisor

Yasmine Zair

Regulatory Advisor - France
I'm interested in all food law-related issues, from farm to fork. I started as a regulatory affairs officer in plant and nutrition, then joined Ashbury in 2021 to focus on FMCG and, more particularly, what ends up on our plates. Within my role as Product Information Advisor, I accompany food businesses to reach compliance, ensure their security and work towards improving the quality of life of consumers by ensuring they can make a safe and informed choice, with my main focus being on the regulatory framework of French-speaking countries.
Danielle Clifford, Senior Advisor

Danielle Clifford

Senior Regulatory Advisor - UK Retail
I have 8 years’ experience in the food industry, working on micro lab testing, specifications and artwork. I ensure both large and small retail brands are compliant with legislation, guidance and customer codes of practice. At Ashbury it is my role to provide clear advice and solutions to our clients by staying up to date with the latest regulations so that accurate and trustworthy product information is available to consumers.
Alex Nolan, Client Accounts & Project Manager

Alex Nolan

Global Controller Manufacturers and Food Service
I have 12 years in the Food & Hospitality Industry, from pubs and hotels to retail and manufacturing and everything in between. My goal at Ashbury is to build business with clients by understanding their needs in an evolving market as well as to ensure they get the expertise they require to succeed.
Mandy, Senior Food Technical Advisor

Mandy Farmery

Senior Regulatory Advisor - UK Retail
I have over 25 years of technical experience working with food manufacturers and the major retailers in the industry. Since joining Ashbury in 2013 I have continued to build and refine my knowledge in specification writing and systems, artwork approval and regulatory advice. I welcome the variety of projects I advise on at Ashbury and enjoy solving the unique challenges they present.
Alex, Senior Business Development Coordinator

Alex Gibson

Business Development Team Leader
Since joining Ashbury in 2013, I have worked in business development, discovering client needs and helping them on their journey to achieve regulatory compliance. My team are your first point of contact at Ashbury, we work with you to discover solutions to your labelling challenges so you can get your product labelling right first time.
Natalie Leach, UK Retail Controller

Natalie Leach

UK Retail Controller
I have a breadth of knowledge in bringing new products and concepts to market gained from over 10 years' experience within food retail and manufacturing. I oversee all of Ashbury's UK retail partners, working with our accounts team to anticipate and adapt to the changing needs of our client and helping them to overcome any challenges so they can deliver products to market in a compliant and efficient way.
Anna Maria Bautista, Business Development Coordinator

Anna Maria Bautista

Business Development Coordinator
I have years of experience in customer service, administrative and operational involvement from different work cultures and countries. My responsibility at Ashbury is to provide exceptional customer service by communicating solutions to client queries in a timely manner. I aim to confidently deliver results and create positive relationships with clients.
Rebecca Kaya, Senior Regulatory Advisor

Rebecca Kaya

Senior Regulatory Advisor - UK
As a Senior Regulatory Advisor, I help clients to have confidence in their compliance by providing practical advice across the food chain - from the point of primary production, to final product labelling. I have dedicated over 17 years' of my career to keeping end consumers safe, working in trading standards, at border control posts for imported food and feed, as well as at points of entry into the UK for non-food products in Sanitary Controls and Market Surveillance.
Annina Halvorseth, Regulatory Advisor - Nordic Markets

Annina Halvorseth

Regulatory Advisor - Nordic
In 2021, I joined the Ashbury team as Regulatory Advisor for the Nordic markets. With 6 years of acquired expertise in product information in the EU and Nordic markets, I support clients with compliance for a successful product launch, including formulation and artwork checks, regulatory translations and tailored regulatory advice. In my role, there is always something new to learn, such as regulatory developments or a new product category, which makes my day-to-day work exciting and insightful.
Cathy Lane, Senior Regulatory Advisor

Cathy Lane

Senior Regulatory Advisor - UK
I have 20 years’ experience in the food industry, starting in food manufacturing, before moving to retail where I worked as a food technologist for one of Irelands leading retailers. Since joining Ashbury I have been working with Irish and UK clients, giving technical advice on a wide range of categories, food and non-food. My aim is to take the complexity out of food law, providing our clients with simple and clear advice.
Ivet Kuchynova, Senior Regulatory Advisor

Ivet Kuchynova

Senior Regulatory Advisor - EU
I graduated with a master's in chemistry and technology of foodstuff. I have been in Ashbury for 7 years and my focus is on project delivery lead, making sure the quality and scope of our clients needs is delivered on time and in full. I work closely with EU and non-EU advisors to provide clear, simple and customised advice to our clients with my expertise being in the regulatory frameworks of the Czech, Slovak and Slovenian markets.
Emma-Lee Johnston, Senior Regulatory Advisor

Emma-Lee Johnston

Senior Regulatory Advisor - UK
I bring to Ashbury a broader understanding of the food supply chain supported by my degree in Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition, as well as years' of experience in new product development, manufacturing, supplier auditing and labelling for different international markets. Food law is a passion of mine and the ever-changing food industry keeps me on my toes! I am a published Food Scientist and embrace a technical or regulatory challenge, making Ashbury the perfect place for me.
Kayleigh Lieberman, Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor

Kayleigh Lieberman

Senior Regulatory Advisor - US
I have worked at Ashbury for 6 years, coordinating with the internal Ashbury UK and US teams and also clients. I complete regulatory reviews and keep up to date with market and industry updates. I love being part of a team that is so dedicated to providing high-quality, easy to understand and comprehensive information to our clients. I like to be involved in client communication before a project begins to help me fully understand what the client is looking for and help us to meet their expectations and deliver the most valuable information to them.
Janet, Senior Regulatory Advisor

Janet Dalzell

Senior Regulatory Advisor - UK
My 30 years of experience in food regulatory and technical roles is invaluable in providing clear answers to client's queries. My background covers all foods but particularly botanicals, produce, dairy and beverages, in addition to which I have a keen interest in sustainability. I enjoy the dynamic nature of regulations and the opportunity to build my knowledge, interpret them and present information to clients in a concise, accessible format.
Caitlin Stewart, Marketing Manager

Caitlin Stewart

Marketing Manager
My background in Food Science and Marketing means I have a unique combination of commercial creativity and technical food manufacturing experience. My ambition is to bring clarity to the complex world of compliance through the simple and eye-catching communication of Ashbury's services.
Bethany Andrews, Account Director

Bethany Andrews

Account Director
I've worked at Ashbury for 6 years, starting as a retail-based account manager, moving to International retail, business development and, most recently, account director. I love that I'm trusted across the company and that I get to be part of an industry I love so much and that Ashbury is happy to support my growth and curiosity. I'm proud of my relationships and reputation within the business, the basis of our work relies on good relationships and communication internally and externally.

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