Food Labelling Training

Empower your people to perform at their very best.

Food Labelling Training

Unlock the secrets of compliant food labelling with our comprehensive training course. Developed from over a decade of hands-on experience, our course equips you with the knowledge necessary to ensure accurate product information appears on your labels.

Led by our leading regulatory experts, this course follows a risk-based framework that helps you master the essential elements of label compliance. It is an interactive and blended approach to learning with engaging, practical activities. We use case studies, live quizzes and mixed media (imagery, text and video) to take you through each module, ensuring there is plenty of time to ask questions.

Armed with newfound expertise, you and your team will have the confidence and practical skills needed to craft labels that not only meet legal requirements but also deliver commercial success.


Topics Covered Include

  • Basic Food Labelling Compliance Principles
  • Food Naming
  • Ingredients, Nutrition and Allergens
  • Novel Foods
  • QUID
  • Country of Origin
  • Durability
  • Marketing, Nutrition & Health Claims
  • Warnings

Course Details

Who should attend: Technologists, Developers and Regulatory Teams.

Duration: This course is split into two 4-hour sessions delivered over two days.

Location: This can be delivered virtually or in-person/on-site

Cost: £575.00 excluding VAT per person – contact us for group booking discounts or bespoke course pricing.

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