Flexible support: Keeping projects on track amidst COVID-19 pressures

Flexible support: Keeping projects on track amidst COVID-19 pressures

Case Study Snapshot

Sector: Grocery Retail

Service: Job/Demand Cover

Value added: Freeing up of internal resource, meeting deadlines, enabling continuation of supply.

People support _ job cover

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to retailers, with the need to keep shelves stocked amidst surging customer demand. Rapidly sourcing and approving new suppliers became crucial, while ensuring that pack copy and artwork checks were swiftly executed to avoid any delays in product delivery.

One prominent food retailer faced an additional hurdle when some key members of its regulatory team had to self-isolate. This unexpected shortage of resources coupled with numerous product lines requiring urgent specification and artwork checks intensified the pressure on the client.

Handling overflow work with ease.

With our in-depth knowledge of retail systems and processes, we were able to react promptly and deploy an Ashbury technologist as interim cover during the weekend, working overtime to support the client’s tight deadlines.

Our technologist seamlessly integrated into the client’s operations, ensuring that all necessary specification and artwork checks were completed efficiently and on time. By stepping in as a temporary job cover, we alleviated the burden on the client’s resources and ensured the smooth continuation of critical tasks.


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