29 May

Ecommerce is changing the game for the way product information is presented to consumers

Pete Martin, Regulatory Director at Ashbury, discusses how eCommerce will effect the way product information is presented to consumers, and the regulatory and compliance considerations online sellers should remember. Technology today sees many industries shifting to embrace digital transformation. The current Covid-19 Pandemic has...

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20 May

Switched to takeaway? Rules on allergen information

Pete Martin, Ashbury’s Regulatory Director looks at the allergen information rules for takeaway food as hospitality businesses make the switch to delivery and takeout service during the Coronavirus pandemic. Introducing a takeaway component to their business probably wasn’t ever in the plan for many...

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27 Apr

Does the future of CBD look sweet for the drinks sector?

Holly Finnegan, our Regulatory Affairs Advisor looks at the fast-growing CBD market, the complicated regulatory situation and lack of labelling enforcement surrounding use of the ingredient. The CBD market is now one of the fastest growing well-being product categories in the UK, worth more...

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17 Mar

COVD-19 Contingency Planning with Ashbury

In light of COVD-19, and with mass home-working looking very likely, businesses are poised to action their crisis management contingency plans required by GFSI audit standards. While ‘business as usual’ is succumbing to the affects of the pandemic, we are rapidly moving from the...

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