Food Additives Legislation & Labelling Advice

When it comes to labelling food products, it’s imperative for manufacturers and retailers to be aware of the legal requirements regarding food additives. Food additives play an important role in ensuring the safety, nutritional value and overall quality of the food we consume every day. This guide explores the complex world of food additive regulations,…

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A Guide to Nutrition and Health Claims on Food Labels

Health and nutrition claims are a fundamental tool that brands can use to showcase the benefits their products may offer. However, using claims is no easy task and can be a real challenge to get right – even for the most practised of regulatory professionals. The use of claims must adhere with strict regulations to…

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Lifting the Lid on Bottle Cap Changes

Tethered Bottle Caps

In a world of 24/7 digital and social media, it’s easier than ever to gauge consumer reaction to a change in the food industry – all you have to do is search online to see people’s views and reviews. And one topic which has been gaining traction across Twitter, TikTok and other social platforms is…

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UK Alcohol Labelling Requirements Explained

alcohol bottles with empty labels

Clear and accurate labelling is a crucial aspect of the food and beverage industry, ensuring consumers have access to essential information about the products they are purchasing. This is particularly true when it comes to alcohol, where the potential for misuse or misunderstanding can have significant health consequences. With this in mind, the UK has…

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