Marketing Compliance

Connect with your consumers, compliantly.

Marketing Compliance

At Ashbury, we know how important it is to effectively communicate your brand story and showcase your product’s benefits to the world.

Product information compliance is often seen as a barrier to achieving this. But working with Ashbury as a partner can help you meet your legal obligations whilst considering your marketing ambitions too.

Our marketing compliance reviews go beyond reviewing your artwork/label. We can check the accuracy and legality of the product information on your website, social media, and printed content to ensure you are not unknowingly violating regulations, and risking legal, reputational, and financial repercussions.

Ashbury experts provide risk-based guidance to enable your business to make informed decisions and take an approach that best suits your brand.


What we do

We review your marketing materials across digital and print channels checking for:

  • References to health benefits and claims in copy.
  • Imagery and pictorials referencing the product type, production methods or origin
  • Reviewing unit pricing
  • Terms and conditions

What's needed from you

  • A copy of the marketing text/materials that need reviewing.
  • Product specification.
  • Intended countries of distribution

Learn more about pricing, process and timelines here:

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