Centralised service: Taking Lintbells pet care global

Centralised service: Taking Lintbells pet care global

Case Study Snapshot

Sector: Pet Food.
Services Provided: Regulatory Adaptation, including Translation.
Value Added: Helping our client to navigate international obstacles and avoid unnecessary costs and delays as they grow in 21 markets.

LintBells Case Study

The Challenge

Lintbells, a leading animal health supplement brand, wanted to launch 8 products in 21 countries globally. This required extensive knowledge of local regulations, languages, and cultural expectations to ensure their labels were compliant in each market. The challenge was to find a regulatory consultancy with expertise in different markets, which could provide consistent and accurate advice across all countries, and streamline the process for Lintbells.

A partnership built on expertise and communication

Ashbury began the project by reviewing the latest requirements in each market, then analyzed how these regulations applied to Lintbells’ products and formulated practical recommendations to overcome any challenges. Some of the recommendations included consideration of local legislation and EU-level regulations for product name, product composition, additives, and nutrition. Ashbury also advised on the decimal declaration, language and grammar, use of capital and lowercase letters, dots, and commas, and other country-specific labelling requirements.

To ensure that the translations were consistent and aligned across the 21 countries of scope, Ashbury provided regulatory translations that met the highest standards of accuracy. Additionally, Ashbury issued a statement to reassure all third-party country representatives that they had performed the translations, saving them time and costs related to doing it themselves.


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