Going global: International label adaptation and translation for 19 markets

Going global: International label adaptation and translation for 19 markets

Case Study Snapshot

Sector: Non-food products
Service: Multi-lingual Regulatory Adaptation and Translation
Value Added: Convenience of multilingual end-to-end solution from one provider with a quick and efficient turnaround time.

Global Own Brand

The Challenge

A packaging design studio faced the daunting task of translating on-pack information into over 19 languages and ensuring compliance in each target market for a non-food product on behalf of their client.

The stakes were high, as the entire project had to be accomplished within a tight seven-day turnaround time (TAT), further complicated by a 5-hour time difference between Ashbury and the client.

Dependable compliance advice delivered by local experts

This breadth and depth of expertise, along with robust project management, enabled Ashbury to extend short notice service support to the client, involving the coordination of a multitude of translations and regulatory adaptations within a remarkably tight timeframe. Despite the challenges posed by different time zones, we adeptly managed all inquiries and provided unwavering support. By offering an end-to-end service that seamlessly integrates advice, operations, and project management, we functioned as a trusted and reliable partner for the client, enabling them to meet their own clients expectations.


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