20 Apr

Federal Vs. State Law – Your Questions Answered

Who manages the food labeling sector in the US, and do federal agencies really have more ‘power’ than state agencies when it comes to regulatory responsibility? The US food sector is extensively regulated by both state and federal agencies, and they coexist closely. Federal...

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08 Apr

Naming Your Vegan or Plant-based Products in the US

How easy is it to replicate your product’s UK success overseas? Our US team shares their guidance on naming vegan and plant-based products to meet FDA labeling requirements. With new legislation to get to grips with, our Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor, Kayleigh Lieberman, explains...

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17 Mar

Does Cell-based Have a Seat at the Table?

In an effort to tackle climate change and reduce the food production industry’s carbon footprint, alternative meat products have continued to grow in popularity. But does lab-grown meat really have a seat at the table? Our US team shares insight into regulatory developments and...

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03 Mar

Changes Expected in the US in 2022 and Beyond

Are there any interesting developments on the horizon for the US, and what key dates should businesses be aware of? Although regulations are always subject to amendments, it’s vital to learn about potential changes in the US that could impact brands and manufacturers from...

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