04 May

Recent Cases of ASA Action Against Green Washing

‘Greenwashing’ is one of the biggest buzzwords across the food industry – but what guidance is currently in place, and is greenwashing regulated? Janet Dalzell, Senior Regulatory Advisor at Ashbury, shares her insight on the latest rulings against greenwashing, and what these recent cases...

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20 Apr

Traffic light labelling UK – How to apply to your food label

Launched in 2006, the traffic light label is one of many forms of Front of Pack (FOP) labelling around the world intended to support consumers in making informed choices about the products they buy. It uses visual cues to summarise the nutrient profiles of...

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12 Apr

Triman logo and sorting instructions in France

A regulation recently introduced in France means that businesses exporting to the country will now have to include sorting instructions on all packaging. Here we share an overview of the rules to help businesses start preparing… What is the Regulation? From 1st January 2022,...

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06 Apr

Top 10 Label Must-Haves

It’s all about the label when it’s your brand’s chance to shine, show consumers what you’re all about, and tell them what they need to know. Here, we share our top 10 label must-haves… A label is used for the purpose of giving consumers...

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