08 Dec

Flour Fortification – meeting the needs of the consumer

The UK is renowned for having long-standing historic bread and flour regulations. Since the UK left the EU after Brexit, the key piece of legislation affecting such products, ‘The Bread and Flour Regulations (1998)’ was amended through the ‘Food Regulations 2021 – Amendments and...

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29 Nov

Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) for food packaging in the UK and EU

With many different regulations on recycling and waste reduction out there, it can be confusing – and let’s face it, hard work – to make sure each product is compliant with the rules of the country it’s to be sold and marketed. Janet Dalzell,...

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11 Nov

Promoting Sustainability – Is Your Front of Pack Doing You Justice?

The sustainability agenda is continuing to change the way consumers buy, what they buy, and who they buy from. Are you demonstrating your commitment clearly to those that matter most? The UK Government Sustainable Development Commission has defined sustainability as: “development that meets the...

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17 Oct

Plant-based & Vegan: Are you really ready?

With the plant-based and vegan markets continuing to thrive, many more food businesses are considering new lines to expand their reach — but do you know the differences between plant-based and vegan? Here are our labelling compliance experts’ top tips for ensuring your products...

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