24 May

The Future of QR Codes

Quick Response codes, commonly known as QR codes, have become increasingly popular as information continues to fight for space on labels. But, how exactly are they used and are they a win:win for both brands and consumers? The use of QR codes has further...

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16 May

Cell-based Meat – Is it Viable?

An increase in the number of vegans and vegetarians in recent times has sparked an increase to product innovations, particularly for alternative sources of protein. Here are our thoughts…    The increase to the number of consumers following a vegan, vegetarian, and ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle...

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11 May

Coeliac Awareness Week – What Do Brands Need to Do?

Coeliac Awareness Week 2022 runs from 9th to 15th May, and is this year aimed at educating and encouraging individuals who are undiagnosed to understand the disease’s symptoms. Here, our Senior Regulatory Expert, Janet Dalzell, explains what Coeliac Disease is, and whether brands need...

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10 May

Alcohol Labelling: How to Label Volume in the UK and EU

The market for alcoholic drinks has continued to see major growth, making it an exciting time to launch a new range of alcoholic beverages or expand your existing range. As with all food and beverage products, alcohol products are subject to strict food labelling...

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