13 Feb

HFSS Advertising and Promotion Regulations Explained

Consumer health and safety is a fundamental driver of food regulations and has been since the beginning of product regulations. To combat diet-related illness and the resulting societal problems, the latest legislation on the block targets the advertising and promotion of High Fat, Salt,...

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03 Feb

Botanicals: Are They Easily Labelled?

The use of botanicals in foods has risen in popularity over recent years, fuelled by the perceived health benefits they offer to our physical and mental health. Ashbury’s regulatory team shares some labelling and regulatory advice for businesses keen to use them as ingredients…...

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16 Jan

Revised Guidance in the US Regarding ‘Healthy’ Claims

In September 2022, the Food and Drug Association (FDA) proposed new guidance regarding using the term ‘healthy’ on food labels. The move is in response to a report which found that most people in the US don’t consume enough fruit, vegetables and dairy. So,...

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23 Dec

Ashbury’s FDA Labelling Consultants Give Their 5 Tips For Developing Compliant Labels

A label communicates your food products attributes to consumers to help them make safe and informed choices. While this may seem simple, there are hundreds of regulations that dictate how this information is presented. Understanding the requirements relevant to your products, as well as...

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