17 Aug

EU Food Regulations and Mutual Recognition – Helpful Organisations

The Mutual Recognition scheme is designed to make the movement of goods easier for businesses. In our previous blog, we outlined the purpose and rules of the Mutual Recognition principle, shining the spotlight on the notion that each nation within the EU has its...

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13 Jul

Mutual Recognition Principle – The Reality of the EU’s ‘One-Market’

With 27 Member States and millions of potential consumers, the European Union (EU) offers ample opportunity for food manufacturers and retailers. Trade in this region is governed by the Mutual Recognition Principle; in this blog, Ashbury’s EU and German food regulatory consultants delve into...

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21 Jun

What Are the Rules for Novel Foods in the UK?

Since the UK left the EU, novel foods are now required to be authorised via a different pathway to market before they can be placed on the market in GB. In this blog, Ashbury experts explain what a novel food is, what the requirements...

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20 Jun

Sunflower Oil Shortage – Labelling Implications

In recent times, supply chain issues seem to be the only thing not in short supply. While many products are feeling the pressure, most recently sunflower oil has been the focus of headlines as it becomes increasingly difficult to source due to the Russian...

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