Pack Copy Creation

A pack copy forms part of the bridge between your product specification and your final label. It collates all the mandatory information required for your artwork such as your product’s name, ingredients, storage instructions and other requirements.

By optimizing your pack copy, you can streamline the process of artwork and label creation – especially when selling into multiple markets.

In Practice

A global retailer created multilingual pack copies for a product intended for sale in six different markets. A missed error on this original version propagated across the six multilingual pack copies; this was reproduced in each of the subsequent artworks created.

Upon noticing the error, the single mistake required 12 amendments on six pack copies and six artworks. The result? Avoidable costs, loss of time and an increased risk of non-compliance had the products gone to market.

Ashbury is now in partnership with this retailer. As well as looking after specifications, we create the initial pack copy and translate this to produce an accurate template; this informs the artwork creation stage.

In manufacturing, a recent start-up client was beginning to sell their sauce product. They had received great feedback and were ready to take their product from the kitchen to wider distribution. However, they didn’t know what was needed to bring pre-packed foods to market legally and safely.

We worked closely with them to produce a pack copy that accurately described their sauce, ensuring allergens were correctly labeled, and that their claims weren’t too outlandish. This important step let them design their artworks quickly and with confidence so they could enter the food fair circuit to make their product a success.