Regulatory Adaptation

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Exporting into new, global markets is an exciting move for any business; it is a sign of growth, momentum and taking the next leap as a brand.

Every country, territory and jurisdiction takes a different approach to label legislation for foods, cosmetics, and cleaning products. The impractical nature of legislation means it’s unsurprising that many businesses spend countless hours trying to ensure their product information is compliant for sale in new markets.

Our advisors will help you get export ready so you can expand within deadlines whilst avoiding any unnecessary costs or enforcement action. You can have complete confidence in your compliance and the integrity of your brand name.

In Practice

A successful manufacturer of soft drinks came to us looking to start exporting overseas, specifically within several EU Member States. While they knew their product was compliant for sale in the US, the business was aware of the potential differences to legislation in the countries they wanted to sell in. Their internal teams were familiar with some countries but other markets were novel – so they reached out to Ashbury.

Working from their compliant US pack copy, our advisors from these regions translated the mandatory product information and claims into the appropriate language and reviewed them against local legislation. One of our project managers collated the information, reviewing our advisors’ notes to clarify and align any discrepancies between countries. This is especially important when a project includes countries that share the same language, as they frequently do not share the same legislation – what works for Belgium may not work for France!

Once completed, we delivered the new, compliant pack copies to the client who was then able to pass them on to the graphic designer to generate the first version artworks. This process provided the client with the confidence to move forward knowing their product information was compliant.