Specification Services

Developing or updating a complete and accurate product specification is not an easy task. Specification systems are frequently complex and are not always user-friendly. Deadlines are always pressing and resourcing is often a challenge.

However, locking in accurate product information at the specification stage is critical to ensuring that products get signed off error-free and on time. A strong foundation of accurate specification data can save costly redesigns and additional rounds of artwork later in the process.

Whether you are a manufacturer getting to grips with a new or complicated specification system or you are working with your suppliers to improve the quality of your specification data, Ashbury has the expertise to help you accomplish this important task.

In Practice

Ashbury works with global manufacturers and retailers to manage the 360-degree review of specifications for branded and private label products. This relationship increases the quality of specification data to mitigate vulnerabilities and improve speed to market.

Once a specification is submitted by the manufacturer/supplier, it is reviewed by our technical and regulatory experts. The various elements are checked in line with the law and our client’s policies and ways of working.

We can build final product specifications from scratch: We’ll review raw material/ingredient specifications for compliance and liaise with the suppliers to ensure these are correct,¬† then use this data to write the complete specification. In the case where product specifications already exist, we can perform a quality audit to check for accuracy and completeness and liaise with the supplier to amend any errors.

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