Regulatory Consulting

Your regulatory questions answered

Regulations govern everything about a product, from the ingredients that may be used to the artwork layout, nutritional claims, recycling statements and branding of your product.

Adding to this complexity is the lack of harmonised law globally; every jurisdiction is governed by unique legislation, even within regions like the EU and US.

At Ashbury, finding, interpreting and communicating product regulations is what our experts do best. We have decades of experience navigating the sources of legislation and have put this into practice across multiple product categories, countries and scenarios – we are a hub of knowledge for your team to leverage.

In Practice

The definition of chocolate is a simple example that can put into perspective the complexities of regulatory compliance:

You may be planning the launch of a new low-sugar or vegan chocolate product. Each jurisdiction defines ‘chocolate’ differently – some may not accept ’chocolate’ as a description unless composition requirements regarding milk, sugar and cocoa content are satisfied. Before you spend time and money developing a product that can only be sold in a some of your target markets, or requires modifications to be legally compliant, Ashbury can clarify the situation in each of the countries you hope to sell in. This way you can kick off your NPD process with confidence and avoid running into issues when authorities object to your labelling.

rough broken chocolate stacked