07 May

Ashbury Industry Insights Bulletin: January – April 2021

What’s on the horizon for regulatory compliance? Subscribe to our bulletin here This volume of the ‘Ashbury Global Industry Insights Bulletin’, provides a snapshot of regulatory activity across key markets including the GCC and Russia. Our advisors collate, analyse and provide expert commentary to...

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31 Mar

What you need to know about the changes to Canadian labelling regulations

Laura Fitzpatrick is one of our International Regulatory Advisors who specialises in Canadian and French food legislation. She’s put together a summary of the upcoming changes to Canadian labelling regulations so you can better understand what you need to be doing to prepare.  ...

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19 Mar

Labelling products for export to the EU: Six common challenges to consider

Labelling compliance is often the last thing to be considered when beginning to export, but it is a vital part of the process. Ashbury’s International Product Advisor, Nadia Lama, shared six key considerations for exporting to the EU in a guest blog with DIT...

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15 Mar

Baby food and heavy metals: How does US federal law compare to EU and UK baby food legislation?

We spoke to our Product Information Advisors, Jenny Pfleger (UK) and Marisa Them (US) about the regulations that govern the presence of heavy metals in baby food in the USA compared to those in the UK/EU. What’s happening with baby food and heavy metals...

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