We work in partnership with our customers to maintain brand protection, improve stakeholder performance and support any legal challenges.

Customised Stakeholder Regulatory and Compliance Training

Ashbury has a strong background in auditing, manufacturing and regulatory compliance. Whether you are a manufacturer or retailer, we can work with you to educate and up-skill your internal and external stakeholders in matters of compliance, PLM systems, quality assurance and market specific regulatory updates. Our solutions are highly interactive; they can be tailored to meet your specific needs and ultimately aim to improve performance, confidence and efficiency throughout the labelling process.

Complaints and Claims Management

From customer complaints to referrals to the Advertising Standards Authority, we can support you and help to ensure that your brand remains untarnished.

Enforcement Advice

No matter how careful you are, enforcement action is always a risk, especially if you are selling in multiple international jurisdictions. Our team of regulatory experts, many of whom are former enforcement agents, can help you navigate this legal minefield by providing expert opinion, assessing challenges and in the most high-profile cases, acting as expert witnesses in court.

Policy and Procedure Writing

Food labelling legislation isn’t always clear cut; in some areas you will be faced with choices around how to present your product information and how to maintain your brand approach. We help you renew or create a clear set of policy guidelines to ensure consistency across your brand and products in all your markets.

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