Sustainability and Recycling Labelling

Regulatory Advice

With many regulations on recycling and sustainability out there, (and more on their way) it can be confusing — and let’s face it, hard work — to ensure each product is labelled correctly according to the rules of the country it’s to be sold in.

Some claims you make might mislead consumers or be misinterpreted. The difficulty is, sustainability claims are novel making it challenging to establish right from wrong.

It is also mandatory to include certain symbols and instructions on the label to advise consumers how to best dispose of your packaging, but each country has a different approach.

With enforcement action on the rise, non-compliance could leave your business facing costly penalties. Ashbury has the expertise to help you navigate using sustainability claims and recycling symbols so you can reduce risk and remain competitive.

In Practice

Sustainability Labelling

Many countries are adopting DRS schemes to achieve a more sustainable environment. While this sounds great, if you’re a multinational retailer, DRS can make labelling products difficult. For example, previously the same label could’ve been used in Austria and Germany, however as Germany have adopted DRS you now need to create different labels to sell into each of these countries. A global retailer based in Europe came to us for support on navigating DRS schemes for their products in all their export markets (over 50 markets). Ashbury analysed requirements in each market specific to the product categories and provided guidance on how to comply with these as well as noting any expected or potential changes to current legislation and advice on which countries are implementing the scheme.

a large amount of plastic bottles for recyling