Regulatory compliance is often one of the last considerations when launching a product, but it is also one of the most critical to avoid unnecessary costs and delays. Whether you are a small business unsure of how to proceed, or a global brand looking for a complex, multilingual solution to your labelling challenges, we are here to cut through the complexity.

We can tell you what you need to know to launch your products on-shelf as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Specification Approval

Accurate product specification information is critical in ensuring that the product label will be correct, legal and honest. Our team of food and regulatory technologists are experts in a wide range of specification systems and can advise on all the requirements needed to get your specifications right first time.

Artwork Approval

Product artworks are how you present your brand to the world and to your customers. It’s critical that they comply with local labelling regulations to avoid costly recalls and redesigns. Our team of technical and regulatory experts will review your product artwork, highlighting anything that needs to change and suggesting amends that will keep you in line with the law.

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