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We work collaboratively with your business to discover what your compliance needs are from the start of product development, offering guidance and practical solutions so you can be confident that your products and labelling comply.

Regulatory Advice


The laws dictating product information are a minefield of complex legislation that affect everything from the claims that can be made about your products to the pictures used on packaging. The earlier in the NPD process that you consider potential labelling issues, the more likely you are to avoid costly redesigns later down the line. Ashbury’s team of regulatory experts can advise on any topic relating to local and international food labelling – from fortified foods and supplements, to organic legislation and health claims. We also offer advice on non-food items such as cosmetics, hygiene/cleaning products and pet-food.

Formulation Check


Before you can begin to think about how to label your products in new jurisdictions, you must ensure that the products themselves are suitable for sale. We can check that product formulations don’t contain any banned ingredients, that all ingredients are within allowable levels and make sure that the products meet the compositional requirements of the country in which you are selling, or intending to sell them.

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