Improving Supplier Specification Submission Scores

Case Study Snapshot

Sector: Grocery Retail

Service: Stakeholder Training – Supplier Specification Writing and Submission

Value added: Improved supplier specification performance, higher quality product information data, time and cost savings.

The Challenge:

A new supplier of a top UK retailer was struggling with poor specification submission scores causing delays and more time spent on the product specification process for both supplier and retailer stakeholders. We often work with new suppliers and specification writers who may not be familiar with the retailer’s system and policies, are inexperienced or, as is often the case with small suppliers, do not have a dedicated technical resource available.

Our Solution:

Ashbury’s food technologists work in partnership with retailers and their suppliers to provide a combination of support, communication, and training to streamline the critical path to compliance.

Ashbury undertook extensive on-boarding training with the new supplier who had an inexperienced specification writer to ensure supplier performance and to strengthen the retailer/supplier relationship. We supported the new specification writer via webinar to talk them through the process for this particular retailer. Typically, such suppliers would expect to see a checklist score of around 60%, with a second full check needed and a lengthy approval process. This bespoke, personalised approach resulted in the supplier’s first five submissions scoring 99.7% on average, with two being 100% accurate. We were also able to progress all five specifications to artwork within 24 hours of submission saving valuable time and money.

We provide expert reviews on specification, pack copy and artwork, as well as sharing knowledge and providing training which has seen a significant improvements in supplier submission scores from big name food manufacturers and small start-ups.


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