Plant Based Innovation

Case Study Snapshot

Sector: Vegan/ Plant-based food products

Service: Regulatory Advice, Formulation Check and Artwork/ Label Check

Value Added: An easy launch of their innovative products into new territories with expert knowledge for each global market delivered from a single point of contact.

About Our Client:

Our client is a global plant-based and vegan brand on a mission to take the alt-meat industry by storm. Boasting a diverse range of delicious and nutritious alternatives to meat, our client focuses on giving consumers the taste they love, at a lesser cost to the environment.

A Trusted Partnership:

For the past three years, Ashbury has been working in close partnership with this plant-based powerhouse to provide a myriad of services, from comprehensive formulation and artwork checks to regulatory advice, label adaptation and translation.

We’re proud to have been part of their journey and have supported them in their commitment to food safety, joining forces with their internal team to ensure they meet all required standards in each jurisdiction of their expansion plan. 

Together, we’ve completed over 20 projects and continue to provide ongoing guidance to support the launches of innovative products. Since day one, it has been clear that this brand is committed to safety and quality, and to delivering products that consumers can trust – a dedication they share with Ashbury.

Overcoming Regulatory Hurdles:

Ashbury has provided support with a wide range of compliance matters, from the research and development of compliant ingredient lists to labelling and artwork adaptation, including translation.

As our client explores new territory, we’ve provided them with specific country of destination advice and guidance covering regions such as the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and more. We’ve advised them of any pre-market requirements, such as the need for notification or registration, and helped them navigate the permissibility of their innovative ingredients which is a challenge that many plant-based brands face given the novelty of the alternative proteins and additives used in their formulations.

Our advice even goes as far as supporting with the naming of their products. In different markets, there are different rules around naming your plant-based product and using descriptors such as “burger”, “milk” and so forth. For example, in the US, some states allow plant-based and vegan food manufacturers to use “meaty” terms on their labelling providing they use qualifier statements such as “vegan”.

Most recently we’ve provided in-depth regulatory advice around the use of acids in their products and have partnered with them as part of their due diligence to identify the correct additive categories. Devina Sankhla, Senior Regulatory Advisor at Ashbury and a specialist in additive legislation, worked closely with their team on this project.

As the author of the ‘Essential Guide to Food Additives’, Devina was able to break down complex and daunting legislation from countries around the world and give the team more accessible information. From practical ‘need to know’ summaries of additive regulations to a finished ingredients list they could simply paste into their artwork, Devina’s expertise made this client’s work much easier.

Ashbury is proud to have built a partnership with this global brand based on trust, collaboration, and expertise. And with compliance confidently, and confidentially, handled, they can focus on what they do best – launching delicious and nutritious food that consumers love.

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