Due Diligence Testing Advice

The due diligence defense is a long-established principle of food safety. It proves that the defendant took all reasonable precautions and exercised all due diligence to avoid the commission of an offense by themselves or one under their control.

Due diligence testing is a component of this multi-faceted concept. It is part of the jigsaw of reasonable precautions that makes up a due diligence defense system and supports your business in times of crisis to ensure you can safely adapt.

Testing programs cover the chemical threats and biological/microbial threats that your product may pose to end-consumers.

Identifying the relevant risks

Ashbury can help your business to build a robust due diligence testing plan.

We identify the relevant risks/hazards based on your products and quantify the degree of risk using historic incident data and the associated regulations. This also includes recommendations on the corrective action that should be taken when critical points are met.

For more details on how to build your due diligence testing plan, read our ‘6-step’ guide here.