Global Own Brand Label Compliance

Ashbury handles the review of own brand labels for this large US based discount retailer.

Managing such a task in-house is a mammoth task so outsourcing to Ashbury who has one of the largest international regulatory compliance teams in the food industry, not only saves  time and resources but also costs for this global retailer.

As the retailer’s products are sold in the UK, Spain, France, Iceland, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Australia, our work involves a formulation check to ensure that the ingredients and terminology for the labelled ingredients are compliant in each country. This involves close liaison with the client but also their suppliers, and a detailed understanding of the food law requirements for each country.

Once we have established that the formulation for each country is permitted, our team of international regulatory experts with their in-depth knowledge of food law and language skills then continue with a regulatory adaption of the label for the products to be sold in the UK, Iceland and Australia and a regulatory label translation for products destined for Spain, China, France, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

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