Specification Technologist – Contractor


We are a trusted partner in protecting brands and their end-consumers around the world, through clear and accurate product information.

Creating trust: Consumers must be able to trust product information, in order to trust a brand. When our clients choose to work with us, they are trusting us with the reputation and the future of their brands.

By providing expertise: We are a highly versatile team of experts with a unique blend of manufacturing, retail, enforcement and commercial experience. Our clients rely on us to know every angle of the international product information sector, inside out.

Through collaboration: Our clients trust our expertise and choose to work with us as collaborative partners, to help them build successful brands. We work side by side with our clients to interpret and apply legal guidelines, enabling them to launch innovative products quickly and efficiently.


Discover: we provide advice, training and consultation services across all aspects of food law, offering clear and practical solutions to product information and labelling.

Launch: we deliver complete product specifications and label information for product launches, ensuring full legal compliance, honesty and accuracy.

Expand: we help our clients move into new, global markets with total compliance confidence, all whilst avoiding unnecessary time, cost and enforcement action.

Protect: we work in partnership with our clients to interpret and apply the law and protect their brands by helping end consumers make safe, informed choices.


Our Teams are the physical face and representation of our Values to our customers; you are:

Welcoming: friendly, approachable and open to new ideas

Positive: create a positive experience for our people and our clients

Confident: act with integrity from a strong foundation of expertise

Simple: remove complexity and bring clarity


We are looking for experienced day rate Advisors to join our pool of sub-contractors to check and approve specifications and artworks for major UK retailers, for some new and exciting projects.  You must have a keen eye for detail and a good understanding of legal labelling requirements and retailer policy requirements.


  • Competent to do the following:
    • Spec/pack copy review
    • Artwork review
    • Formulation review
    • Regulatory Adaptations
  • In-depth technical knowledge in area of responsibility, including codes of practice, policies and guidance
  • Practical experience of using specification or artwork systems and packages
  • Minimum 3 years of experience of working in a technical role, or in a related field
  • Consistently works at expected work rate and to a high level of accuracy
  • Confident to apply requirements to product information and explain decisions to clients
  • Fluency in English with excellent oral and written communication


Please send in your CV giving full details of your experience and which retailer systems you are able to use.

Once reviewed for suitability, you will be sent a technical label test and the results need to meet the minimum score for us to continue to achieve the high standards we are required to deliver for our clients.   Work will be available on an adhoc basis to support our team when there are peaks in workload.


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